how to monetize your life

For all of my fellow bloggers out there and soon to be entrepreneurs (AKA Girl Bosses!).... I've been getting this question asked to me, so I wanted to give you all a valuable resource!  

I get asked quite a bit by bloggers ...and non bloggers... how I started a blog and turned that blog into a business in less than 2 years.  I want to start off by saying that I created the HAPPY WIFESTYLE™ brand in 2014 knowing absolutely nothing.  What I did have was ambition, drive, and a strong passion to help others.  Along the way I've learned a TON about monetization and creating multiple streams of income.  Whether you want to start a blog from the ground up like I did, or start a business where the framework is already there for you, I can lead you in the right direction.  I even have opportunities for you to work directly with me.  I love having a way to help women become their own bosses, make their own schedules, make a great income ...all while staying home with their families.  If you want to find out how you can become your own boss email me at  I have some ideas for you.  Especially health, wellness, fitness and nutrition professionals...I can definitely help you add additional streams of income to your life.


Here's a super easy way for anyone to start earning some extra cash...TODAY.  I offer an affiliate program.   LEARN MORE HERE

I also have helped many women start their own businesses working directly with me.  Want to join my amazing team?  LEARN MORE HERE 

$1K1Day Academy

I'm was lucky enough to get into Nicole Walters $1K1Day 4 week long academy...the very first time she offered it.  it sold out in 4 minutes.  Best course I've ever taken.  She worked closely with us to show us how to monetize our sites on an individual basis.  She is the real deal and will start giving you homework before the course even starts!  Go follow @napturalnicole over on Periscope because that's where she gives out tons of free tips and tricks...and you can see right away why people are lining up to get into this course.  There's a reason she's being called "ScOprah"!  Nicole had been a beauty blogger for 4 years, on the side.  She quit her 6 figure corporate job, live on Periscope, to work for herself full time because after applying what she learned in corporate her own business, she started earning just as much by being her own boss...and then some.  She now is teaching others to do what she does.   

This academy gives you three major tools every business owner needs:

  1. A new mindset that will help you identify where you are leaving coins on the table.
  2. Three proven and concrete income generating strategies aka ways to make money online - and how to implement them, right away.  
  3. An active community, that supports you with coursework and the entrepreneurial journey.

Nicole was instrumental in helping me turn my blog into a business.  I believe in this program 100% and feel confident recommending it to you.  She can help you monetize your life, whatever business you're in.  This course is in HIGH demand and she is opening it up again!  Will you be the next Richfriend?  If you're ready to do the work, Nicole is ready to help you turn small wins into BIG financial independence.  Take the first step and click the button below.  

Become an amazon associate

Becoming an Amazon Associate is one of the easiest first steps to monetizing your life.  If you're already a blogger and you're wondering how I learned how to set up my Amazon Store and promote it, you've come to the right place.  I watched these amazing webinars to learn exactly that!  I highly recommend them if you are ready to start monetizing your site but aren't sure how to do it.  It's simple to set up and you could start earning extra money to help support the cost of your website today!

Visit Monetize Your Life With Nicole Walters to do what I did and start having fun putting all of your favorite things that you already blog about in YOUR Amazon Store!  Visit "SHOP" on my main menu to view my Amazon Store and see if it's something you'd like to learn how to do.  It's a great way to start setting up passive income for years to come.  

I'm constantly asked "Where'd you get that _________?"  Now I can easily say "You can find it in my Amazon Store!"  How often do you post something on Instagram or Facebook and your followers want to know where they can find it?  Now you can easily direct them to your store.  Amazon is a trusted site, so people are happy to shop there...& you make a commission whenever they buy!  It's a WIN / WIN!  

I would recommend Amazon Store Intro-Part 1 first (if you don't have a store already) followed by Amazon Store-Set Up Part 2  (to learn how to promote it).  

You will also find other useful and educational webinars, so check it out for yourself.  Here's the link again in case you missed it...  Monetize Your Life With Nicole Walters  Hope this helps all my fellow bloggers out there!  :)


Like I said, I'm often being asked HOW I'm monetizing my blog in multiple ways.  Want to talk to me about how I've made that happen and have created multiple streams of income...most of them passive income?  I'll share what I've done with you!  Just click here to schedule a call with me.  I'm helping others monetize their life... I can help you too.